Saturday, 17 November 2018

                                 TEACHING PRACTICE  


“Teaching is a noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour to me”                                                                               -APJ

           As per the B.ed curriculum we have 40 days of teaching practice in the fourth semester. This internship programme started on 12 November 2018. For myself I got a good platform- Government Higher Secondary School Kulathoor for flourishing my teaching skills. 


        Week 1                                                                 November 12 - 16

12 November 

          First day I got first period at my class VIII B. The supervising teacher gave me an activity to analyse the previous term question paper. Second period I had a substitution class at VIII A. In that class also I tried to discuss the question paper.  The rest of the period I was engaged with lesson plan writing.
13 November
Second I didn’t have any class at VIII B. The majority of the students belongs to VIII B class were engaged with a programme conducted by the IT club. So I couldn’t able to conduct diagnostic test there.
14 November
Third day started with special morning assembly regarding Children’s day. The students belonged to the SPC and RED CROSS went for a rally organized by the educational department of Kerala. I got my first period at VIII B and I conducted diagnostic test successfully. The rest of the period I had substitution classes at IX A, XA, and VIII A. 

15 November
Fourth day freshly started with morning prayer. First period of VIII B was mine. I started a poem- Song of the Flower written by Khalil Gibran. I used both Power point presentation and chart as my teaching aids. I played a beautiful video for the entry activity. I gave them poem writing as discourse construction. One group presented their material in the class. I tried to maintain the active participation of the students.
16 November
Fifth day started with morning assembly. As usual I got first period at VIII B and I took the rest of the lines of the poem Song of the flower. I used both Power point and Charts as teaching aids.  Conversation writing was the classroom activity. Two groups presented their material. 



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